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Accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles for the creation of smart and sustainable societes

Would you like to join our mission of accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and be part of one of the UK's
most unique and exciting mobility initiatives of 2018?

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Our road trips inspire the public with new mobility technology whilst demonstrating their capabilities.

The EV Showcasing Days will allow people to learn everything they need to know about electric vehicles through the exhibition, workshops and even through getting behind the wheel to test drive electric vehicles! Businesses will learn how electric vehicles can save them money whilst cutting air pollution and emissions.

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Join our Electric Vehicle Adventure!

Are you an EV enthusiast, an adventurer, an EV owner or simply want to have fun? Then join the EVRT UK to travel and learn more about electric vehicles and sustainability whilst enjoying the wonders of the UK landscapes, history and culture.

The EVRT UK is made for you!

You can now book your seat and join our electric adventure, for the full trip, or one of the stages (4-5 days). You be will enjoying the thrill and excitement of driving an EV, without compromising on speed, comfort or style. Along the journey there will be visits of sights of sustainability interest, and adventure and relaxation activities. You will also meet a range of people, from car and clean tech enthusiasts to sustainably conscious and adventure driven people.

Have your own EV? You can come too!


Check out our "join us" page for more details.


If you have a question or are interested in sponsorship/partnership, exhibiting, or simply want to share thoughts and ideas on electric vehicles, we'd love to hear from you!

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What they say about the event...

What they say about the event...

  • "Our partnership with Global EVRT gave us good exposure among leading EV companies in Europe, as well as exposure to international media and users, especially through our branding on the electric cars that drove across 12 European countries over 2 weeks."
    Adam Woolway
    Managing Director and Co-Founder, Plugsurfing
  • "It's almost impossible to pick a highlight from my 10 days on the ESCP Europe EVRT. The breathtaking scenery, the fascinating visits to companies leading the way in the EV industry, the cars themselves, and the diverse group of fellow road trippers - all of these things made it an experience to remember!"
    Alison Clarke
    Road Tripper
  • “The highlight was driving a Tesla of course, not necessarily because it is a stunning car, but how it operates and the sensation of driving is completely different. It gives you a sense of fear and excitement all at once, due to the new technology but also how the car adapts to you as well as you adapt to the car.”
    Crochenka McCarthy
    Road Tripper
  • The EVRT Middle East was the perfect way to give the public a chance to get behind the wheel of the Chevrolet Bolt EV and experience it for the very first time.
    Molly Peck
    Chief Marketing Officer, General Motors